Friday 26 April 2013

LeaderShip Essay:

The reason why I want to attend this youth conference is to become a better role model for my peers and to be a LEADER and to meet the lieutenant Governor...
Because I myself was in ``Air Cadets`and to this youth conference it sounds interesting and educational.
What i want to see in my community is paved roads, more youth nights involved, so all the youth can have something to do in their spare time, they can make art. Or watch movies with popcorn.
We should have ``Elder Support``. Elders are most precious people once their gone we will have no knowledge, and then we will need  new elders with new knowledge.
Documenting what are elders know will keep our  past alive.
After our elders are to old to keep themselves, they get moved to a home where they have no customs.
This is why its important to document what elders know today.
They are Herb pickers,They are Healers, All this ends with our elders knowledge.
Most that will suffer is our culture and our Cree Language.
One day when I can take part in Leadership I would recommend our youth and local carpenters to build a home for our elders so they can grow old to share their customs.
I spoke with a lady ``Meals On Wheels`` she said that their are ``10-15 Able Elders left``.
By: Sapphiya Stewart
Grade 9

Making Wired Bracelets.
Measuring Our Shelf!
Went To The Museum!
We Were At The Science Fair:)
Building Our ``Vortex Cannon``
We Were At The University Of Saskatoon.